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Dashboard and insight development
Using your data to create insight

The data in your CRM can provide the evidence and information you need to inform your strategy and direct your tactics. This data should be the map and compass you use to plan and navigate through campaigns and deliver improved engagement and fundraising return on investment.

Many organisations, and particularly those with smaller teams, struggle to develop the reporting they need. Therefore, they often lack the evidence needed to make strategic decisions. We have designed a set of dashboards that enable you to monitor all aspects of your work to truly understand your performance and have clear sight of potential. Our standard reports include:

  • Monthly income reporting to show funds secured and received

  • Regular giving performance, donor acquisition and retention

  • Prospect pipeline, pool management and prospect allocation

  • Prospect research and lead identification

  • Alumni and supporter cohort analysis

Dashboards and insight

We can specify, design and build dashboards for any fundraising CRM, using data visualisation tools such as Power BI or Tableau. For RE/NXT users we can create these to run dynamically from the SKY API and for BBCRM users we can create dynamic reports using OData. Having these reports link directly to your CRM will ensure they require little or no maintenance and can be up-to-date at the push of a button.

We can design and build bespoke dashboards to enhance reporting, surface new business intelligence and enable evidence-based decision making.

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