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Creating a BBCRM reporting framework

University of Southampton

Creating a BBCRM reporting framework

Project Details:

The University of Southampton was in the final stage of a significant CRM migration project, from Blackbaud RE/NXT to Blackbaud CRM. As a result, the old approach to reporting and data visualisation was about to become redundant and the team would, for a while, lose a key source of information and monitoring.

With the Operations team already understandably busy with data migration activity, EFC was engaged to assist with and support the team by investigating and documenting the department's reporting requirements. The aim was to build on previous experience in reporting and to identify opportunities enabled by the new CRM. We identified twelve business areas for reporting, and documented detailed requirements around departmental and team key performance indicators and management and operational reports for each area of activity.

With our requirements in hand and with excellent support and guidance from the incredibly capable DAR Systems team, we built a comprehensive set of reports enabling dynamic monitoring of BBCRM activity, using MS Power BI and to be delivered via Teams. With the live data migration ongoing during our engagement with Southampton, we provided regular feedback on data issues that would need to be addressed before all KPIs and measures could be created, providing valuable feedback early in the life of the new CRM.

We used the University of Southampton style guide and templates to ensure that our reports adhered to local standards and University branding. We worked closely with the team and handed over reports on an agile basis, to ensure continuity in reporting and support for a very busy Development Services team.

Client Outcomes:

Our work enabled the team to focus on critical data migration processes.
The team have a fully documented set of reports, covering all aspects of their work.

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