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Fundraising performance analysis – Magdalen College Oxford

EFC recently undertook a fundraising performance analysis at Magdalen College, University of Oxford to help the team gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of fundraising performance over the past 20 years. Aimed at improving ROI and informing its alumni engagement and fundraising strategies going forward, EFC worked closely with the college’s Director of Development and internal stakeholders to implement its findings and improve future outcomes.

A fundraising performance analysis is just one of the key services EFC offers. It helps stakeholders understand the real return on fundraising activity, identifies areas of potential growth, success factors and uncovers new strategies and approaches. We carry out in depth analysis of alumni and supporter data to provide longitudinal insight into programmes. We also look at donor retention, reactivation and acquisition rates and analyse the sources of giving, alongside details of donor demographics and key segments.

 To create a better understanding of how clients are currently asking and stewarding their constituency, we also review the appeals and communications strategy. When the fundraising performance analysis is complete, clients are left with an accurate, informed understanding of current fundraising performance and capacity. This allows teams to target the experiences they offer to different groups of donors and potential donors and look at how they influence giving. With years of collective experience in the sector, EFC develops a greater evidence-based understanding of audiences, donor population and campaign potential.

Talking about our recent work, Sean Rainey, Director of Development, Magdalen College, Oxford, said: "As a direct result of EFC’s work, we have completely changed our fundraising approach, reallocating resources and personnel to activities where we expect to see a markedly improved return on investment than previously.

"EFC’s work allowed us to reshape our thinking with a high degree of confidence. At the same time, it allowed us to bring along internal stakeholders who might otherwise have been skeptical of a new direction of travel. The work was completed to a very high standard and we were impressed with the team’s professional approach throughout. EFC’s real success lies in its flexibility and openness to delivering a bespoke piece of work to meet the particular needs of the institution."

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your fundraising performance and want informed insights about ROI that will help shape alumni engagement and fundraising strategies going forward, talk to EFC today. Email us at to book in a discovery call.


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