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Staffing and talent management

Over time your team rarely stays static. Changes in personnel, technology and organisational focus can require you to make significant changes. With decades of experience in staff planning, team management and recruitment, we can help you navigate these difficult moments by providing expertise and support. The team will help you develop a long-term staff plan, providing options and guidance around required skills and experience and how this might change as your organisation changes.


We are experienced recruitment managers. When the time comes to recruit a new team member, we can support you in all areas of the recruitment process. We work with you to review the job role and assess the required skills. We can refine the job description, assess job applications and join interview panels.

We have provided this support to clients including Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Oxford and the University of Bath.


It can be very valuable to recruit skills and experience from sectors outside of yours, but it can take time to build the requisite knowledge of your services and ideas around fundraising and engagement. For higher education clients, we can provide broad and deep induction to accelerate the process. We have helped clients including the Royal Northern College of Music and the Universities of Bristol and Bath in this way.

Mentoring and coaching

Many teams find it useful to enlist some outside support with work issues. Whether that's providing mentoring to help with specific skills and technical issues or whether through coaching to help find new ways to approach your work and any roadblocks you might have. EFC can help in all areas of staffing and talent management.

See how we've helped some of our clients...
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