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Operations health checks and reviews
Operations health checks

Many of our client engagements start with an audit of plans and programmes, staff and skills and the systems, data and processes that form the backbone of your organisation. We review all of the components of your operation to build a clear and comprehensive understanding of how you work. We use this to identify strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. This deep understanding guides us in developing a clear plan of recommendations to improve the way your operation works to deliver significant improvements in your engagement and fundraising. We can help you to deliver this change ourselves with hands-on support or we can coach, mentor and train your team to deliver it themselves.

Process reviews

In addition to full operations and development services health checks, we can also review specific areas and functions within your team, such as gift processing and Gift Aid, prospect research and management, stewardship and donor relations or data protection and compliance.

We work closely with your team to understand your requirements, ambition and plans. Then we undertake detailed assessment of processes, approaches, skills and tools. We can help you refine each function of your development services team to deliver the best possible outcome for your supporters, colleagues and institution, usually with less resources.

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