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Volunteering review, CRM set-up and reporting

Ulster University

Volunteering review, CRM set-up and reporting

Project Details:

For a number of years, Ulster University has been running a successful programme of volunteer and alumni engagement. With the programme growing steadily over the years and some staff turnover causing changes in approach, the underlying processes had become complex and reporting had become difficult.

EFC worked with the Development and Alumni Relations team to understand all of the processes involved, the aims, needs and ambitions of the programme and created a road map to deliver a new framework in RE/NXT, a new set of processes for the team and a set of management reports to help monitor activity and outcomes.

We restructured the volunteering data in RE/NXT and created a set of revised processes to ensure data entry would fit with the new set-up. We created a comprehensive report in Power BI enabling staff to quickly identify key performance indicators, including:

- New offers from volunteers
- Volunteer interests
- Total volunteer pools and activity
- Active volunteering relationships
- KPIs of time given and equivalent monetary value
- Streams of activity by type and location

The team were left with clean and managed data, a new simpler process of data entry with supporting user guide and a set of reports to identify activity, trends and outcomes.

Client Outcomes:

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