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Team review and project road map

University of Oxford

Team review and project road map

Project Details:

Following turnover in key staff positions in the DARS Support Centre, we worked with the University of Oxford Development Office and Alveo Consulting to review the team structure, the skills needed and to redefine key roles to set the team up for future success. We reviewed job roles, participated in recruitment panels and provided support and guidance around induction and role development. EFC recruited new and existing staff to key roles and provided support as the appointees started their new positions.

Next, we reviewed the long-term systems plans and project road map for the central fundraising and engagement system, to ensure that critical maintenance, system enhancements and user support were being appropriately prioritised. We created a long-term project new road map, which we presented to key committees and colleagues in IT services to ensure there was a broad consensus and support for the new approach.

We also worked closely with the team on key focus areas: reporting, data migration and system integrations. We supported the team, some of whom were new to their roles, to create plans for them to deliver improved information management and reporting and to improve standardisation for key interfaces and data migrations.

Client Outcomes:

Provided existing teams with a project road map, setting them up for future success.

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